Rauan Klassnik

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first book "Holy Land" released April 2008 from Black Ocean. An e-chapbook, "Ringing" has since released from Kitchen Press-- it's free online at rauanklassnikringing.com. Another Chapbook "Dreaming" releases this summer from Scantily Clad Press. Rauan's poems can be found at Coconut, Action Yes, Typo (coming soon), Eleven Eleven, No Tell Motel and other on-line and print journals.

[ from Dreaming— (0)]


All the doctors looked like birds when I was in hospital——and I wrote in my journal that I wanted to “fall asleep inside the dream.” Across the spaces which seem to be falling away, a little boy comes running. I had no idea I’d find myself in a drop of such black blood. Tears are running down his cheeks: “Rauan, I am so sad.”




[ from Dreaming— (3)]



It’s dark and I’m walking towards a car. Two men get out of it and come towards me. One of them kneels down with a syringe and a rubber strap. The other’s got his gun in my chest. It’s not often you remember a dream when you’re inside another one. You were held down, naked,——and you were begging me to help.



[ from Dreaming— (6)]



The trees are filled with bees and they’re multiplying. “I will stay here as long as I can,” you say. Like walking towards you and away from you at the same time. “When I was young,” you begin, and I can see you——a hand at my throat—— “I’d stand in front of the mirror for hours just combing my beard.”






Like opening a bottle and smashing it, there is no God of course. But standing in this garden——blossoms, dogs and rivers, flies on my face, Cafes in Paris, all the seas coral, sunlight, broken into a billion pieces——Im in love with it all.